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Art-Group Voina ("War"). Anti-Manifesto

The action of the Russian Group Voina under the absurd name Fuck for the Heir - Medved’s little Bear! took place on the 29th of February 2008 in the State Biological Museum named after E.A. Timiryazev (Moscow, Malaja Gruzinskaya st, 15) in the hall «Metabolism, energy, nutrition, digestion» two days before the election of President Medvedev. You can watch the detailed information about the action in the upper post of this journal.
The first part of the action took place under the same slogan on the 23rd of February 2008 on the political rally of the pro-Kremlin «Molodaya Gvardiya». The concluding part of the action was held on the 3rd of March 2008 on the March of the Disagreed in Moscow and Saint-Peterburg under the slogan I Fuck the Heir - Medved’s little Bear!
This is the artists’ action, but its meaning is political. This action is the portrait of Russia. We demonstrated the indecency of the Russian authorities. The elections were a real collective coitus, in which officials fucked their own nation. The censorship doesn’t give us another way to express our views so we could be heard.

The Manifesto of the Group Voina

That’s the way Contemporary Art is treated in Russia.
That’s the way the Group Voina treats the Russian conformist artists, who live on the sops of the totalitarian authorities and the the Ministry of Culture.
The Manifesto is made up of the right-wing radicals’ comments to the Voina actions.

Contemporary art is a wretched rot!
Contemporary artists are fucking freaks. I’d like to burn them in the blastfurnaces or crush them with a heavy catterpillar tractor. Fuck your mothers in the pension fund and make pictures of that, art-morons. We have way too many fucking premature bustards! Morons are now to be called artists. Eat shit! You better kill yourselves in full view of everybody. It will be more useful. Contemporary art, mother fuckers!
Contemporary artists are fools! Amazing!
Contemporary art is shameful and loathsome. Such a raving!
Contemporary art is an orgy of the ecstatic morons!
Contemporary artists are promptly to be sent to the mental hospital and to be fed with vitamin H.
Contemporary artists are to be kept in the holding cell for a few days and than to be judged and put to the compulsory treatment.
Contemporary artists are stupid brutish cattle, fascists and betrayers of the motherland.
Contemporary art is a spit into the face of Russians. I’d like Russian authorities to react severely on that. If the reaction is feeble, authorities should be swept away!
Contemporary art is a cheap stuff. Fake and bullshit. It’s incredible that people still react to this kind of miserable experiment.
Contemporary artists are a batch of degenerates, whose behavior evidences the decline of the Russian Federation biomass. It’s impossible in the nation state. Only nationless quasimodos are capable of this. Russians suffer of syphilis in extremis and there is no possibility to cure them.
Contemporary artists are mutants, a batch of moral monsters and degenerates. Such an outrage is impossible among other nations, that would probably slaughter these morons in 3 seconds, and they would be right about it. The question is – «Who is responsible for these freaks?» «100% - Jews are».
Contemporary art is a spit into the face of normal people. Since more and more nuts occupy the world. And it’s important for them to know whether mentally sane people are left and whether they will react to that or not. There are things that are not to be demonstrated in the normal society. Go home fucking morons and perform your actions, fuck and defecate in full view of your children, mothers, fathers. Your have lost your right to live in a normal society. And remember – it’s our right not to see your brutish abomination.
Contemporary art is simply a disgrace. Artists behave outrageously and after that whine about lawlessness! Fuck, you should think first before acting.
Contemporary art is dissolute and immoral. You can name art any villainy…
Contemporary artists should be batoned unmercifully by the militia… They should be deprived of parental authority and their children should be adopted in order they have no possibility to raise such scums as they are.
Contemporary art destroys morality, evolutional potential of humanity, destroys chastity and family, and mankind. And contemporary artists are a sensual mould, which eats up and smacks social reality.
It’s high time for «Russian» artists to leave for fucking Israel and fuck each other near Wailing Wall.
Contemporary artists are enemies from Israel. They laugh at our beliefs. Using deception and low craftiness they have tortured a lot of people. They lead Russia to the graveyard. And Russia has her hands tied and she cries out loud and calls for Russian sons and waits for their help only.
Contemporary art insults our dignity and perverts juveniles. Let Jews pay bucks for it! ‘Cause we are drowning in shit!
Contemporary artists are Jews, who throw shit at everybody. They wail about purity and sufferings and do it in the high style.
Contemporary artists are enemies. They took away bright dream from everybody. They doomed the whole nation to slavery. I’d like to send them to mines. They turn contemporary art into sex-shop. Russia is a Russian country. And in Moscow synagogues multiply. Russia is being brought to her grave.
Contemporary artists should be fucked on their heads with scrap-iron. They are moral ugly creatures.
Contemporary artists are the shit of the nation!
Contemporary artists are a batch of idiots and block-heads, who spoil the reputation of the country.
All the so-called contemporary artists are racial Jews.
Contemporary artists are cattle and brutes.
Contemporary art is a mob of furious scrappers.
Shoot all contemporary artists. Only then the motherland will gain peace and order. If it won’t help, the procedure should be repeated. I got tired repeating that only mass killing will save the motherland.
Contemporary art is an idiotic company of dishonest fanatics with a weird ideology.
Contemporary artists are idiots, schizophrenics, hysteric men and deviant persons. Mentally ill people should be watched after. They are to be kept in mental hospital.
Contemporary art is a child pornography. It is a pitchfork that should be driven into the balls of the rotten artists, who are ready for everything for the sake of their glory.
Contemporary art is a wild porno for wretched freaks.
Contemporary art is a dick without head.
The dick of contemporary art means nothing in compare with the dick of Michelangelo’s David. It is no more than weak attempts.
Contemporary art is worth jacking off only.
Contemporary art is a vomitive fuck.
Contemporary art heat international dissention.
Contemporary art is Hell.
It’s time to turn contemporary art into the propaganda team supporting our favorite president.
Contemporary art is a dull, common and graceless foul work. Special services and militia are to be occupied with it, not the curators.
Contemporary art is a nightmare.
The only thing contemporary artist is able to do is to defecate in the museum. I’m sick of such art.
Contemporary art is suffering of impotence and automanipulation. Let’s prohibit it!
Contemporary art is a gathering of pederasts and lesbians!
Contemporary art is a shit-eating!
Contemporary art is a parade of freaks and fucking morons!
Contemporary art is a heating of xenophobia!
Contemporary art fucks itself.
Contemporary art should be castrated. Let’s stop its multiplication!
Contemporary art is a degenerate and lacking vitality part of world community.
Contemporary art is a Satan heresy!
Contemporary artists are to be executed via impaling them on sharp sticks.
Contemporary artists spoiled everything! Museums, temples, icons, belief, people’s dignity and moral.
Contemporary artists are stupid whores and brainless morons!
All contemporary artists should be denationalized, forbidden to cut hear and turned out of their homes. Let them ramble along the streets of Russian towns like the real fucked bears.
Contemporary artists lost self-respect. They chop icons, crucify themselves in the squares, bite passers-by in the streets. It’s time to bring order!
Contemporary artists are to be burned alive along with their so-called pieces of art to wipe out Russian culture.
Contemporary artists are pig-fuckers!
Stay out of contemporary artists! Will get into a mess, won’t pull through.
Lets fuck artists in the asses with a thick dick to make them change their mind!
Let’s amputate genitals, hands and tongues of contemporary artists. Let’s burn that all on the ritual fire, scatter dust to dung the soil.
Let’s birch artists and burn them down in public in Red Square. We don’t need half measures…
Contemporary art is irresponsible. It should be responsibility, sense of proportion, taste, tact, respect to public decencies, intellectual wealth, reserve, idea of background…
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