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"Hedonist International". New action for Berlin Biennale in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin

New Section "Free Voina" proposes the Russian embassy in Berlin a new symbol of Putin's power

The new founded "Free Voina" section of the Hedonist International organized this afternoon a spontaneous action in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin. The section showed what they think of the oppression of the Voina activists from the Russian authorities:
Voina is an activist group which is under heavy oppression by the Russian state authorities.They are known for drawing a huge penis on a bridge in St. Petersburg in front of the KGB-building in order to show the police and the state what people really think of them. They were having group sex in a gallery as a protest against the mechanical passage of power from Putin to Medvedev. At the moment they are forced to live in the underground with two kids.
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