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Video - http://www.rosbalt.ru/video/2013/09/04/1172099.html
Photo - http://www.rosbalt.ru/piter/2013/09/05/1172098.html
По сслыкам - описание акции

Мой комментарий английскому Reuters:

"This action was a protest against total indifference of the European politicians to the annihilation of human rights and freedoms in Russia. The action started in the evening of Sept. 4 near the Museum of Authority. The anarcho-syndicalist faction of the Voina Group and its leader Igor Chepkasov tried to block the Nevsky prospect near the Kazan Cathedral. Activists were carrying a satirical art work reading "Putin welcomes the guests of G20" by Konstantin Altunin, who several days ago fled from Russia to France. They took this piece of art from the Museum of Authority (that was closed by the authorities several days ago) just before the action. As soon as the Voina Group started crossing the Nevsky prospect with the canvas, they were attacked by the police. Igor Chepkasov and activist "Suicide's Dream" were arrested and the canvas was destroyed and confiscated. The art work depicted European leaders. There was no illegal content in it. But I've got an info from one of the Voina activists who participated in the action five minutes ago: according to the lawyers of the Museum of Authority, the police said that "everyone will get 15 days in prison and won't be released until the summit ends".The Russian authorities demonstrated their clinical insanity once again".
Alexey Plutser-Sarno, media artist of the Voina Group